Line Marking project for Surrey based school

Recent Line Marking project for Surrey based school

Job specification:

  • Apply line marking Thermo Plastic yellow and white paints
  • Approximately 24no. car parking bays
  • Mark 5no. mini bus parking bays
  • Write 6no. “MINI BUS” letterings
  • Write “EXIT” letterings
  • Write “NO EXIT” lettersing
  • Mark out 80 linear meters of yellow double lines

All the above works were carried out in one day with prior communication.

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Road marking

Tim Todd Surfacing use road Marking Stencils when applying road markings to Car Parks, road Junctions, Pedestrian Walkways. Most of our stencils are reuseable and can even be custom made to include logos or any type of bespoke design.

Road marking

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Coloured Surfacing, UK

Coloured Surfacing is mainly used wherever there is potential safety issue. Tim Todd Surfacing Ltd can design and supply a coloured surfacing system to suit your needs.

Where Coloured Surfacing is proven to help?

  • Traffic calming – Busy road junctions, Crossings etc.
  • Pedestrian areas – Supermarket car parks, Retail Parks, Showrooms.

Coloured surfacing can be applied to car parks (Private Commercial & Residential), Road ways & mant other applications.

Contact Tim Todd Surfacing Ltd today for a FREE survey and quotation.

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Line Painting Pictures

Line painting pictures from Tim Todd Surfacing Ltd.

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Line Painting

Tim Todd Surfacing Ltd provide Line painting services throughout the UK.

We provide line painting services to customers of all sizes to both the domestic and commercial markets.

Work undertaken includes:

  • Line painting, Line marking, Road marking.
  • Car park markings – New or renovation work.
  • Coloured surfacing – Internal / External.
  • Playground markings – Activities, Games & Puzzles.
  • Road traffic markings – White lining, Crossings, Lettering.
  • Safety markings – Internal / External
  • Warehouse markings – Walkways, Loading bays, Hatchings.
  • Yellow/White line painting
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